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Please choose the type of personal training you are interested in;

In waiting for our training services to become available, consider other options we offer!  Check below the program areas you would like information on and we will send to you;


Membership Status:

Health Status: Have you been diagnosed with any of the following;
Heart disease, lung disease (asthma, COPD), metabolic disease (diabetes, thyroid).

Are you a current smoker? 

Indicate your activity level- How many hours a week do you engage in exercise?

Does your Mother or Father have a history of diagnosed cardiovascular disease or heart attack? (Mother before age 65, Father before age 55).

Have you been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure (140/90 and above)?

Have you been diagnosed with High Cholesterol?

Do you consider yourself Overweight or Obese?

Indicate the time of day you are available to workout with a trainer;

Indicate the number of times per-week you want to workout with a trainer

Indicate a day or days of the week you are available to workout with a trainer

What is the best time to call you to discuss our services?

Please read our policies below:
For individuals to be eligible to participate in the Personal Training and Health Coaching Program, he or she must qualify as one of the following: 
• A currently enrolled student at UW-Madison 
• A currently enrolled guest-audit student at UW-Madison with a paid membership to Recreational Sports 
• A currently employed faculty or staff member at UW-Madison with a paid membership to Recreational Sports 
• A spouse or domestic partner with a paid membership to Recreational Sports 
• General public with a paid membership to Recreational Sports at the CRSC 

Cancellation Policy
If a participant is unable to make their appointment he or she must call the facility’s main office and their personal trainer to cancel. The session must be cancelled 12 hours in advance; at that time, the session may be rescheduled.  If the participant fails to call and misses his or her appointment, it will result in the forfeiture of that session.

If the participant decides to discontinue the personal training program prior to finishing a purchased package of sessions and requests a refund, a 10% processing fee will be applied to the amount owed to the participant.

Scheduling your Sessions
Trainer availability is based upon your schedule and the open availability of our training staff.  Committing to a regular training schedule, helps you to achieve real results!  If you have to re-schedule a training session due to other conflidts, it must be resolved with your trainer.

Do you agree to and understand the personal training policies listed above?

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