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The Delta Internship Program provides graduate students and postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to develop teaching and learning skills in real-world situations. Each semester, the Delta Program supports a new cohort of interns who partner with faculty and staff to improve teaching practices and learning environments through innovative teaching-as-research projects.

Please complete this online application if you intend to implement your internship project in the upcoming semester. In addition to this form, a complete application requires three supporting documents, namely your Teaching-as-Research Project Proposal, signed Intent Form, and Curriculum Vitae. You can upload your materials using this form, or if you prefer, send them separately via e-mail or mail.

2. Current Career Status

3. Delta Course(s) Completed

The only prerequisite for application to the internship program is the completion of one semester-long teaching and learning course. The coursework can be in-progress when applying for the program. Please indicate below the course(s) that you took or are taking to fulfill this requirement:

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